Showbox Apk File for Android – Download Free Latest Version

Showbox is an online streaming app developed for Android platform.This app to some point act as an entertainment box and relieve zone, allowing its users to stream, watch and download videos, and TV series with HD quality pictures.Several features had been included in Showbox Apk, making it more recommended an app to use for entertainment purpose.

Downloading Showbox you can watch your favourite TV series and videos easily, besides that, you can also achieve point, gain cash awards for downloading several games and apps. Showbox is unavailable in Google Playstore, although you can download it from its official site and different others sources available on the internet.

Download Showbox APK File for Android:

Showbox Apk

As I had already mentioned that Showbox is unavailable in Google Playstore, so you will need to download it from its official sites or others sources available on the web. Follow the below-listed method to download Showbox Apk file on your Android device.

  • Step1: For downloading Showbox Apk file on your Android Smartphone, you will need to set your device as unknown sources. follow the below method for that. Setting>Security> Allow all unknown sources
  • Step2: Now, do visit the official website of Showbox and download the Apk file from the given link of the page.
  • Step3: Once Showbox is downloaded completely, install it by tapping on install button of your device.
  • Step4: Well, you can now launch the app and enjoy its offered features.

In this way, you can download and install Showbox Apk file on your Android device. Isn’t it very simple and easy?

Features of  Showbox App:

Showbox is one of the most popular online streaming app for android offers you lots of likely features and can help you to gain cash awards and points as well. Features of Showbox are listed below.

  1. The latest updated version of Showbox has got friendly interface features, with option and categories for each section.
  2. It periodically updates all latest collection of movies and TV series in its database.
  3. Besides streaming online videos and TV series Showbox also allows you to gain points and cash awards.
  4. Showbox enables you to watch and download your favourite TV series and videos in the quality of 360p, 420p, and 720p.
  5. On the period of download, you can select services as your desire, with the shown details of the movie, number of downloads etc.
  6. The good news for Showbox users is that the developers are trying to remove an advertisement of this app as soon as possible.

All you Need to Know About Showbox:

Showbox is basically develope for gaining points and a cash award. Showbox enables you to gain cash-point through sites like Amazon, Payal etc, for downloading games and apps. Gaining points using Showbox  App is very easy and simple. Check out the below-listed points to gain cash award and points through Showbox.

  • Do Login into Showbox regularly, as it can usually help you to gain 1 to 100 points.
  • Open the Home page of Showbox; install the apps with offers free premium features such as watching videos, follows the instruction of Showbox and you will see your points being create in your account in 15 minutes.
  • You can gain 50% of total points using Showbox, by every new user’s registration from referral code.

Showbox is an amazing app for streaming online videos and TV series. It has got an easy downloading process and is totally free for use. Showbox  Apk Download you can stream online videos as well gain cash awards and points. So without thinking much, download this app following above-shown methods, and start enjoying your favourite TV series and videos in best possibilities ways.


So, this was our tutorial on how to download Showbox Apk File for Android. We anticipate that you would find this article helpful and useful. If you have any kind of queries or questions related to this tutorial then do let us know. We will resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Showbox for PC Free Download on Windows 7/8.1/10

Showbox for android is a stage that sets up a complete scenario of an entertainment zone where we can get ourselves entertained and amused in the way we like. The application is embed with tranquil and approachable options so that anyone belonging to any age may access the application without seeking much for guidance or struggle. The app permits the user to navigate, search and sort out different movies along with variable display resolutions so that we may watch the desired movies whether in Low or high resolution.

Showbox for PC Free Download on Windows:

Showbox for PC

The app contains abundant brilliant features that typically includes downloading of latest movies, live streaming of all the latest TV episodes as well as sorting and categorizing different genres of the movies. In this way, users may access the anticipated movie or TV content at a very fast pace. Previously, users were only able to access such facilities on mobile platforms only but due to the development of emulators, the user now has been able to platforms as well, so that the windows users too may access such a wide range of app`s attributes without struggling much.

Showbox was initially developed only for the android platform but after the introduction of some emulators, users are now able to download Showbox for PC and for the other windows platforms. Users have been capable of getting the APK of Showbox downloaded in the PCs as well as Windows-based tablets or Tablet- PCs.

How to Download Showbox for PC on Windows 7, 8.1,10:

Downloading Showbox for Android is easy but somehow, different than downloading the other mobiles applications. Since Showbox is preliminary an android based software, therefore getting it download on the windows platform is a bit problematic task.

There are two kinds of Android apps, one that can be download from the Google Paly Store, while the others that can’t be download from the play store. Since Showbox for Android is not accessible on Play store, therefore users will need to slide load it to the device that typically associates the installation of APK and Data file in the android devices. In the case of windows or Mac platforms, such apps may be download by using Android Emulator software for installation of apps on this platforms.

Showbox for PC

One of the most outstanding and recommended App player and Emulator that can run a diversity of android applications on the windows platform is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is the most download Emulator in the Pcs, Macs, and another platform to use the apps. It can be download for free from numerous online websites portals. After the installation of BlueStacks on the PC, users may only be require to download the APK file of Showbox Apk for PC on Windows.

After downloading the AKP file, users may place to any specified directory. By right clicking on the APK file, the user will have to choose the option “Open With”. By selecting the APK file to be open with BlueStacks APK handler, users will see a small rectangular box showing “Install App”. clicking on this option, users may install Showbox on PC.

Following these instructions, users may download and install Showbox on Pcs and Laptops to access a wide variety of entertaining features and amusing attributes of the app.

Download ShowBox to a PC Method using BlueStacks:

showbox for pc

1.Download and install BlueStacks.

2.Download the Show Box .APK.

3.Right-click the .APK file and open with the BlueStacks APK Installer.

Showbox for PC

4. Open BlueStacks and then run Show Box.

You can now explore Show Box on your PC!

Showbox for PC


So, this was our tutorial on how to download ShowBox for PC. We anticipate that you would find this article helpful and useful. If you have any kind of queries or questions related to this tutorial then do let us know. We will resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Showbox for iOS [iPhone, iPad] Free Download Latest Version

Showbox app for iOS devices allows you to watch your favourite Movies and TV series on your device. This app does not only enables you to stream online movies and TV series but also help you to gain points and won the cash award. Showbox offers its users with several advanced features, and keep continuously adding up with new features.

Showbox Download on your iOS device, you will able to go through over many movies with both old and new released. Now you don’t need to miss your favourite TV shows any longer, as downloading Showbox you can enjoy watching Movies and TV series even when you are not in front of your TV.

Showbox for iOS Free Download Latest Version:

Showbox for iOS

There are basically two different methods to download Showbox App for iOS devices, you can download it by using the Vshare app or else by Using IPA file. The two different methods to download Showbox for iOS devices are listed below:

Methods 1: Using Vshare

  • You will need to install Vshare on your Showbox for iPhone on iOS device to use Showbox on your device.
  •  Visit the official site Vshare and download it on your device.
  • Install the setup first on your PC, connect your iOS device and install vShare on it.
  • press the download un-jailbroken button, whereas the process of installing the app will start periodically.
  • Once it is downloaded click on the install button and install it on your device.
  • Now open the Vshare app that you had installed, and search for Showbox there.
  •  Click on the Showbox app and it will get the download on your iOS device.
  • Now do install the Showbox app by clicking on the install button.
  • That’s it, Showbox app is successfully downloaded on your iOS device.

Showbox for iOS

Method 2: Using IPA 

  • IPA method is where you install the file directly.
  • Here you will need to download the IPA file directly from the browser of your device.
  • Open your browser and search for Showbox IPA for the iOS device.
  • Now click on the Showbox Apk IPA for iOS devices.
  • Do download the IPA file, and install it directly by clicking on the install button.
  • That’s it, this is how you can install Showbox directly using IPA file.

Showbox for iOS

Features of Showbox for iOS devices:

  • It comes with a clean design and easy option to search movies and TV series.
  • You don’t need to login or sign up to watch videos on Showbox.
  • It regularly updates new released movies and TV series on its content.
  • Users of Showbox are able to sort out movies and TV shows by their category.
  • You can gain points and cash awards for downloading apps and games through it.
  • You can choose and select the pictures quality of your videos according to your wills.
  •  It has got a share option, where you can share your views and favourite videos with your friend’s.
  • It has got an amazing layout.

Is Showbox safe and secure for iOS devices?

Showbox is totally a safe and secure app for use. This online movie streaming app is totally free from malware viruses, Trojan etc. Downloading and using it on your iOS device, you can feel safe and secure infect you don’t even need to get worried about any kind of destruction using it.

This post is all about Showbox iOS devices, including its features and downloading process. Downloading Showbox on your iOS devices, you can now watch all kinds of Movies and TV shows by your finger swipe. Download it by following any one of the two listed methods, and start enjoying your free time watching your favourite movies and TV shows. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this post then you can fell free to comment us below by sharing your views.

Showbox for iOS

Downloading Showbox on your iOS device, you will able to go through over many movies with both old and new released. Now you don’t need to miss your favourite TV shows any longer, as downloading Showbox you can enjoy watching Movies and TV series even when you are not in front of your TV.

Showbox Not Working – How to Fix Showbox Server Errors

When it comes to watching movies or TV shows on your smartphone, nothing can replace ShowBox. This app comes with an excellent user interface. This app comes with multiple features, but the actual problem occurs when the app stops working. That’s the reason you must know the procedure for fixing the problem which I am going to share here.

ShowBox comes with so many features that you will never find them in any other app. this is the most popular and renown app for watching movies and TV shows. When you start using this Showbox App, you won’t even think about using any other app. but it disappoints a lot when you need to watch something but the app stops working. If you know how to overcome this problem, then you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies without any problem.

What to Do When Showbox Not Working:

Showbox Not Working

In the earlier versions of ShowBox, there were no such problems. The upgraded version of Showbox is a disappointment. They come with many updated features, though. People, who find problems in ShowBox, mainly while watching TV shows or movies. The developers are trying their best to solve this issue too. If you are facing problems in ShowBox, you can try these things.

Update ShowBox:

It has been seen that many times ShowBox stopped working because the app is not up to date. That’s why first you need to update your ShowBox to the latest version. The app is not available on Google play store. So you need to download it from the third party.

To download the latest version first, you need to open your browser and go to any search engines. Then search for the app, choose the latest version of the app from the search result and download the .exe file.

Once the file is downloaded, uninstall the previous version of Showbox Apk. Install the latest version of ShowBox by tapping on the .exe file. Once the file is upgraded hope, it will fix the problem.

Clear cache:

The app is user-friendly, easy to use that comes with so many unique features. So many people use this app whole day long. When you use this app for a long time the cache causes problems which can result into app crash and some other serious issues.

This is very important to clear the caches on a regular basis. To clear caches, you need to open your settings and select the general option. Then tap on application manager option and select all applications. Select ShowBox from the list and tap it to open. There you will get the clear cache and clear data option. Tap on them to clear it.

Server available but update doesn’t work:

Doesn’t matter you are musing a free version or a premium version app, it is very necessary to update the app on a regular basis to get all the latest features. Sometimes a message box popups when you are watching something, and it is very irritating. The message says a new version is available but when you will tap to update the app stops working. So better you uninstall the current version and Showbox Download and install the latest version.

ShowBox stopped working:

Many times you may face this problem that Showbox suddenly stops working and the application closes by itself. This problem mainly occurs when the RAM is full. To solve this problem Showbox Not Working, you need to close all the programs which are running in the background. Heavy usage especially overheat of the device also causes problems. If this problem occurs then you can restart your device as you can’t close the background apps manually.


While watching a movie, you won’t get the subtitles always. You can fix it by downloading the subtitles differently. If you are searching a video but not getting it, in that case, you need to clear the application data and the problem will be solved. If you are getting captcha problem or login problem, you need to update the version of your ShowBox.

Showbox Not Working – Conclusion:

If you find any of these problems while watching your favorite TV show or movie, you won’t like it for sure. Hope you will be able to fix the problem by yourself now though it may take some time. It is recommended that using the latest version of Showbox.

Showbox Alternatives for Android And iOS Devices

Showbox is an online movie streaming App. Showbox allows you to watch unlimited TV shows, videos, movies, etc online on your Android device. It also allows you to download your favorite movies or any videos on your device. Showbox also has various types of formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, HD, etc to watch movies and videos on your device.  One of the best things about this App is that it supports various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

However, as it is an App, sometimes it got problems like server error and stopped working for few days. So, for that reason, many developers some alternatives Apps like the Showbox. The alternatives are also similar to Showbox, where you can watch movies, Videos, TV shows, etc online and even download your favorite videos, movies with different formats. So, if you are want to know the Showbox alternatives then in this post, I am going to share you some of the best Showbox alternatives for Android device.

Apps Like Showbox Alternatives for Android:

Showbox Alternatives

The following are some of the best Showbox Alternatives for Android which will give you the same facility like Showbox. Scroll down to check out the alternatives App of Showbox.


Showbox Alternatives

Movietube is one of the best Showbox Alternatives Apps for Android device. Movietube has unlimited HD movies, videos and TV shows. Movietube is also quite easy and simple to use on your Android device. It offers various formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc to watch movies online. It also permits user to download their favorite videos and movies with various formats.

Movie Box:

Showbox Alternatives

Movie box has huge collection old and latest movies. Other than movies, it has unlimited videos, TV shows, movies and other shows like Showbox Apk. Movietube is fully free movie streaming App for Android device. Like the Showbox, movie box also has various picture quality such as 240p, 360p, 480, 720p, etc. By selecting the quality, you can watch or download any videos and movies on your Android device. This App is also available for iOS platform.

Playbox HD:

Showbox Alternatives

Playbox HD is another one of the best Showbox alternatives Apps.  Playbox App has the great features like Showbox App. It has High-quality formats such as AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, etc to watch movies, videos and TV shows online. Playbox App also allows you to download your favorite videos and movies. Like the previous App, Playbox App is also available for iOS Platform too.

Hulu App:

Showbox Alternatives

Hulu App has huge collections of videos, movies and TV shows like the Showbox App. Hulu App also allows you to watch movies, TV shows, cartoon, and videos online on your Android device. It has various qualities like 480p, 720p and 340p resolution. This App also allows you to create a watchlist, where you can keep your favorite videos and movies to watch later. Hulu is completely a free movie streaming App for the android device as well as the iOS device.


Showbox Alternatives

Crackle App also has vast collections of movies, videos and TV shows. You can watch the entire movies, videos and TV show freely on your Android device. Now, presently, there are more than 25 million active users in the world. Like the Hulu App, Crackle Apps also allows you to create a watchlist of your own, where you can add your favorite movies and videos to watch it later. This App also allows you to download any movies and videos using different pictures quality such as 240p, 480p, 720p, etc.


These are some of the best Showbox Alternatives for android, which similarly have the facilities like the Showbox does. Thus, you don’t have to worry even if your Showbox App is not working properly. These above-provided alternatives of Showbox App are also totally free to use. So, choose your favorite alternatives App to use it. Hence, if you have any doubt regarding this post, use the bellow comment box to place your queries.

All You Need To Know About Lucky Patcher App

These days Android user can witness lots of cracking associated applications on the Internet, that are actually exceptional. Presently there are few apps which are wonderful & running properly. However at the present Lucky Patcher Android App bust the restrictions of cracking. Lucky Patcher iOS Android app is further some cracking apps for Android. This app is competent of influencing new apps in a matter of seconds. Well, we can say that Lucky Patcher is bit tricky & illegitimate in a number of circumstances.

What is Lucky Patcher Android App?

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Android App is an exceptional gizmo which can control additional Android app & which is surplus than other usual cracking apps. Lucky Patcher Android App can scrutinize & alter permissions as of the chosen app & compose additional modifications in the app as well. If we try to define Lucky Patcher Android App correctly then we can only say that it is such a gizmo that will provide a user an actual admittance to the authorizations allowed & unaccepted to the particular app. A user can put together a number of twists in them & compose the app as needed. A user can eliminate various endorsements, take backing of the existing approach of that specific app, modify the particular consent of that app & there is a lot more to notice in this app. What you need is Root authorization with SuperSU or few related applications to build Lucky Patcher Apk Android App functional on your own Android device.

Launch of Lucky Patcher Android App:

When a user will launch this app Lucky Patcher Android App, a user will observe a catalog of applications setup on their rooted appliance. Next, a user needs to hit on a few of the apps & user will notice a popup stating application detail & little access to particular gizmos. Now user require to choose anything from that tools similar to a user can eliminate ad consents from that app or user can generate customized apk as per their prerequisites. A user can, in addition, make the app tweaked to operate in few circumstances where usually the novel app will not succeed. On behalf of this everything, a user will require root permissions without a doubt.

Root Authorization

Users can obtain root authorization on their gadgets with a few single-click root functions, for example, TowelRoot & further apps such as KingoRoot also going to work too. Users don’t require any coding abilities or things to change applications. Users can carry out it by Lucky Patcher Android App. On top of the app screen, User will observe a few colors on the given name of a particular app. These colors consist several exact meaning, which we are mentioning now. Go through them & see what every color means?

  • Yellow – Contain some restricted patches accessible.
  • Orange – Fundamental Structure app.
  • Purple – This particular app will begin on device boot.
  • Red – There are no means to alter it.
  • Yellow – Contain few restricted patches obtainable.
  • Blue – Encloses Google Adsense Ads.

Now you know what every color means to your particular app. We will in our next article try to bring some other useful information regarding Lucky Patcher Android App Till then stay updated with us.

Grow Box APK won’t install – How to Fix the error?

Time to reach up for big stars isn’t it and this is true for entertainment which is largely assuming a gigantic digital medium. To make it more contextual, let us talk about a scenario in which you can enjoy watching movies online on your TV? Sounds interesting but is it possible? Yes, in present times, there are apps like Growbox which lets you enjoy the movies in a more promising manner. So TV may become your new mode of entertainment leaving behind the tiny smartphones and here is Grow Box APK doing the deed for you!

What this growbox apk is and how does it channelize the digital entertainment right to your home?

What is Grow Box APK?

Growbox is an apk tool through which streaming the online movies is possible to the big TV. This tool is few steps ahead of other streaming apps where using chromecast was messy leading to the problems related with streaming. While using Growbox, problems faced related with streaming are cut down to minimal so enjoy watching movies by downloading this apk tool in your PC.

Issues faced in Grow box apk – Like any other high – end tool for watching the movies online, Growbox apk tool can become a menace if faced with the problems like Grow box apk won’t installDealing with this problem becomes essential and resolving it is necessary to avoid any setback in your entertainment.

Why Grow Box APK won’t install error shows up?

When you are installing an app in your PC, then procedure needs to be follow correctly so that no technical glitches come up. But why a problem like Grow Box won’t install error shows up and what should be done in that case?

Grow Box APK
GrowBox came as a replacement for Showbox app largely and downloading procedure of the latter is a bit complicate. You need to check for the system requirements and get an MX player then only streaming of motion picture is possible. But is the downloading procedure for Showbox APK is promising enough and if it really is so correct, then why does an apk tool like GrowBox comes up and captures the entertainment stage? Well, there must be some shortcomings of the apk tool which requires a coverage and Growbox apk tool helps you do that.

But, Grow Box again is not free from blemishes, there are error showing up with increasing usage of this apk tool. Considering the heavy usage of this apk tool, you need to understand the right steps for downloading this tool in order to save your system from a technical embarrassment like the error which shows up.

What is the correct downloading procedure for Grow Box APK tool?

To skip Grow box apk won’t install error check out the correct procedure to install this apk tool on your PC for a wholesome entertainment that can be enjoy on big screen. Steps for downloading this apk tool:

  • Search for download link for Grow box apk on Google search bar
  • Choose that weblink which shows up the latest version of apk tool
  • Click on the link to start the downloading procedure
  • When downloading of the app finishes, click the exe file for installation

Now, don’t stop here, this step of downloading and installing Growbox is not complete until you get the AllCast tool. AllCast is require to play the media files which lets you share movies and videos to your TV.

How to use GrowBox App in order to avoid any error?

Even after downloading this app, you need to use it very aptly otherwise problems are bound to occur. First of all, uninstall MX player from your PC to avoid any hindrance in the smooth functioning of Growbox app as it simulates the MX player on your PC. Next step for trouble free entertainment would be to change the security settings. To have wide array of choices for videos, turn on the option for unknown sources to download movies from across the web. Grow Box has emerged as a promising mode of entertainment which lets you enjoy what not on web!

So we hope our instant steps has helped you with an easy way of downloading growbox apk application.

Super Mario Run – How to Download the Super Mario Game?

Super Mario Run is a name that is very common amongst those who have seen the 90’s as their childhood days. This is a game that has literally shaken off every parent because this was what every child was crazy for. This is perhaps the most anticipating game that anyone would have ever played. Also, it is one of the most popular games of the century, which is also considered as a very big thing. The Super Mario has had an enormous fame and publicity throughout the whole world.

Super Mario Run

The game has been recently launched officially for the iOS platform to revive the old feeling once again. The developers behind the game are still yet to announce the launch of this game for the Android platform. However, it is found for the Android devices from some other sources.

Some Interesting Things That You Are Going to Enjoy With Super Mario Run:

  • The developers of the Super Mario Run game has kept the features of the game the same way that it was in the earlier days. That is how the crowd actually loves the game. However, there has been an improvement in regards to the graphics. The color comes to be more alive than it ever was before.
  • Also, since the game is designed for smartphones, the controls of the game is also displayed on the screen. The controls have been kept very simple considering the comfort and accessibility of the gamers.
  • Another great feature of the game is the same old character. The main character of Mario himself is considerably one of the best features that the gamers as a lot about the game. Mario is actually the character after whom the game has been named. He looks greater than he ever was.

Super Mario Run

  • It features a world tour mode, which would offer you cool new options like, new places, new obstacles, etc.
  • The game has a highly interactive user interface, and another amazing feature of the game is that the Mushroom Kingdom can be edited according to the users’ wish.
  • The gameplay has not been modified. The developers have kept it the same that it was before. The inclusion of the same old coins, which on collection becomes the points of the gamer.

So, this does show that the game would be very interesting to play through. The developers have not done much modification in regards to the game, and it is quite obvious that the game is much better considering the kind of response that it has got over the years.

How to Download the Super Mario Game?

Super Mario Run

Super Mario game is already released for iOS device users and soon developer will be releasing for Android device users as well. The game will be free to download for both OS. However, if you are an Android user and eager to download Super Mario app then you can follow the given link below.

To Download Super Mario for Android you can download it from this link:

However, there is also a version of the game available for the Android users. You can follow these below mentioned steps in order to install it on your Android device.

  • First of all, go to your preferred search engine and type “Super Mario run apk” in the search bar, and search for it.
  • Numerous results will be shown, out of which you can choose the most preferred result.
  • There you will find the link to download the apk file straight into your device.
  • Follow the instructions given on the website that you’ve entered. This will take several minutes to download the file into your device.

How to Install The Super Mario Run In Your Device?

  • After the download is done, minimize the page and go to the settings of your phone to allow installations from unknown sources.
  • After the first step has been done, the app will ask for permission for installation.
  • You agree to the permissions asked, and the app will install by itself on your Android device.
  • After the installation process has been completed, you can enjoy the game on your Android device.

The Super Mario series is indeed one of the best games in the world today. Everyone, in fact, loves this due to the ease of the gameplay. The concept of the game is very simple, yet it is very interesting, people love the way the game has been created. It does have some difficulty at some certain levels but also is pretty exciting.


To conclude, all that can be said is that this game is indeed a complete package of fun and excitement. So, if you want to re-live your childhood days, this is a game that you can’t miss.

What Should You Do if Super Mario Run Not Working on Your Device?

Super Mario game which is developed by Nintendo has finally embraced Smartphone. Nintendo Company has released very popular games like Pokemon go and recently they have released a new game called Super Mario run. As Super Mario App is not yet available in Play Store, so you need to download Super Mario run Apk file without any problem, but you must have Smartphone with you.

They have recently released Super Mario App for iOS, but they haven’t launched yet for Android OS. They are likely to launch for Android version within the first month of 2017. So the Android users have to wait for some few days to get installed on their device.

Super Mario App: Get Back to Your Favorite Game!!

Super Mario was developed by Nintendo Company and the CEO of this company, Shigeru Miyamoto said that this game could be downloaded to your device for free, but in order to unlock all the features you need to purchase with Rs.620 in-app purchase. However, in this game, you can just play with one hand.

As Super Mario run is an automatic runner game, so you just have to focus on collecting coins and bonuses. This game also has two other modes that are Kingdom builder and Toad Rally. In order to navigate the main character you just have to tap on your screen and the behavior of your character will also depend on the timing of your taps.

How to Download Super Mario run App on your device?

It is very easy to download Super Mario App on your device, what you need to do is just click on the given link.

As I have already told earlier that Super Mario App is only available for iOS devices so, only the iOS users will be able to download Super Mario App, but they will be launching an Android version very soon.

How to install Super Mario run App on your device?

If you are an iOS user, then you can easily install Super Mario App on your device. So the following steps will provide you some guidelines in order to install Super Mario run App on your device.

As Super Mario App is not still available in Play store, so you need to download the Apk format. After that you have to enable “Unknown sources” by going to Settings>>Unknown sources>>Turn on Unknown sources.

  1. Firstly, open the Apk file which is saved on your device.
  2. Now, “install” option will appear on your screen.
  3. You just have to tap on it and wait for few seconds.
  4. Your Super Mario App will get installed on your device in just a few seconds. As soon as it gets installed, open it and enjoy playing this new game.

What should you do if Super Mario Run Not Working on your device?

Super Mario Run Not Working

Many users have faced some problem regarding Super Mario App, so there are various reasons that you will receive “Super Mario is not working” on your device. So read out the full article to know why “Super Mario is not working” is shown on your device. The reasons are given below:

  1. Lack of internet connection:

As Super Mario game can be played only if your device is connected to your device. So, if your device shows “Super Mario is not working” then immediately check out your internet connection of your device.

  1. System requirements:

The current version of Super Mario which is available on the web, it is only compatible with iOS device. The Company has not released yet for Android OS. So make sure that your device is the iOS operating system.

  1. Regular updates:

Sometimes this problem also might occur when you don’t update Super Mario App. So whenever they ask you to update, you must update it immediately or else your game might stop working.

  1. Other Possibilities:

If your internet connection is connected to your device properly and even after using iOS devices if you are still having the problem, then you can switch off your device and restart again.

I hope you will get a lot of benefits by reading this article. If you are having any problem regarding Super Mario App, then you should try out all the methods which I have mentioned above. If you like this article, then please shares in different social networking sites as much as you can.

How to Download TutuApp for iOS – Install TutuApp On iPhone/iPad

TutuApp for iOS: An extremely simple and convenient way to download paid apps and games as well as premium apps and games without jailbreaking; TutuApp. This app was developed to be used be iOS users, but now, even Android users can download the app. The TutuApp has many amazing features and benefits. It can be downloaded for free from any iOS and Android device by using a few simple steps.

How to Download TutuApp for iOS:

TutuApp for iOS

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device
  2. Go to the Tutuapp Official homepage by typing or TutuApp.VIP
  3. You will find a green download button which will allow you to download TutuApp for iOS device
  4. When asked to proceed with the next step, click on the save button
  5. The app will download on your iOS device, but you can not use it just yet
  6. Visit the Settings > General Settings > Profiles section
  7. There you will find a profile named as TutuApp
  8. You have to click on the profile, and then Trust app, to launch it on your iOS device
  9. You are now ready to use TutuApp for iOS device
  10. Simply scan the barcode to launch the TutuApp on your iOS device

How to Download TutuApp for Android devices:

  1. Open the device settings on your android device and click on the option for allowing unknown sources on your android device. This step must be done as TutuApp is not available on the app market, it is a non market app
  2. Open your browser and search for download of TutuApp
  3. Click on the APK file to download TutuApp on your android device
  4. Once it has downloaded on your android device, locate the TutuApp APK file and click on install
  5. TutuApp will be installed on your Android smart phone
  6. Open the app, grant all the necessary permissions to the app and you are now ready to use TutuApp for your android device

How to Download TutuApp for Windows/ PC or MAC

  1. You need to make sure that your PC or MAC has at least 2 GB of available RAM space in order to download TutuApp
  2. 2 GB of Hard disk space is also require for downloading TutuApp APK
  3. You need to first download an Android Emulator on your PC or MAC. You can download Bluestacks.
  4. Search for TutuApp on your Android emulator and download it on your PC or MAC
  5. Once the file has downloaded, you have to unzip the contents of the file
  6. You can now launch TutuApp on your PC and MAC and use all of its features for free

Features of TutuApp:

  • It can be download on iOS devices, Android devices as well as windows, PC and MAC
  • iOS users can download premium apps and paid apps and games for free on their iOS devices. Apps which are not available on the iOS App store but have only been release on the Android app market can also be download for free by using TutuApp
  • a file manager in the TutuApp allows users to manage files as well as transfer data from one device to another or even to external storages simply by the TutuApp
  • there is also an inbuilt cleaning device on the TutuApp which allows users to clean their phones. This helps to boost their devices, speed up RAM and free up space on their devices.


TutuApp was develope initially only for iOS users, but now even other platforms can download it. It completely protects the privacy of its users and allows them to enjoy any number of app and games download for free.