Export and import product width pretashop default

The advantages of using tool to import products compare with manual data input have been discussed in our previous posts. In this post, I will introduce the way to use import/export products function by Prestashop default system. This default feature doesn’t support some advanced configurations as well as Cronjob function like Prestashop CSV import module.

At the first step, let find out how to export the current products to the CSV file. Lately, you can use this export file to import products to other websites or keep it as a backup.

Go to Pretashop Backoffice, In order to export this CSV file, you should access Products section as below screenshot:

Prestashop CSV import

Next, please click on “Export” button:

Prestashop import products

The browser will automatically download this CSV file to your computer. Now, you’re free to add/edit/delete products in this file based on current format. This updated file can be used to import into this website or another Prestashop website.

Now let’s move to import products feature.

Firstly, you have to click on “Import” button:

Prestashop import products


Note: If your store is a brand new one and you have not imported any products yet, the import products layout will be different:

Prestashop import products

  • What do you want to import? : The purpose of this setup is for selecting options to import such as product, category, brand, and so on.
  • Select a file to import: You can select 2 options: Upload CSV file from your computer or use FTP (While the Prestashop import products module provides one additional method: using URL to load CSV import file which is more flexible for users).
  • The language of the file: Select the language of the CSV file.
  • Field separator: This field defines the character to separate value of each column. You should check your CSV file to put the correct separator.
    For example, in your CSV file: Product ID;Image;Name;Reference;. That means you have to put “;” character.
  • Multiple value separator: This field defines the character to separate value if one column contains multiple values.

Prestashop CSV import products module

When the importing process is complete, a successful message will appear on the screen. Please go to list of products in backend and frontend to check again.

The above guidance uses for importing normal product with default Prestashop feature. Other options such as Category, brand, combination, etc. can be imported in a similar way. If there are any problems with this default feature, or you need more advanced settings, I strongly recommend taking a look at Prestashop CSV import products module.

The guidance to import product to your Prestashop website

Nowadays, store owner tends to use tools to add products to their online store instead of adding products manually because it’s appeared to be more time-saving and accuracy when importing a large number of products. If your website is developed with Prestashop platform, Prestashop CSV import is a helpful module for you. In case you have tried several CSV Import Products Module but still not be satisfied, I strongly recommend to have a look at this module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/27281-csv-import-products.html

Some people might think that this method is only suitable for advanced users, not normal users; but you will clearly see that this opinion is not true if you read the module documentation and guidance video. The steps to import products by using the module are so simple that every user can follow. You are required to prepare a CSV/Excel file which contains all product information such as product name, product price, image, description, and so on.

You can get the CSV/excel file by several ways:

You can create a CSV/Excel file by yourself

But the format of your own files should be followed exactly the format of sample files which are provided by Prestashop system (If you use default import feature) or by the module’s author in order to make sure that the files you’re about to import are the correct one.You can create csv/exel file by Mycrosoft Office Exel or Open Office.

CSV import product module


The product providers give you this file

In this case, you need to check and make sure about the file structure as I mentioned above.


You can export the current CSV/Excel file from your store

You can export the current CSV/Excel file from your store, and add/edit/delete product data from this file, then import the file again.

CSV import product module

When the CSV/Excel files are ready to be imported, other settings need to be configured before starting the import process. You can check our video guidance at the end of the post about setting up these configurations. Please try to install and use the Prestashop CSV import product module, it will definitely help you save a ton of work and time.

How to import products to Prestashop 2018

Prestashop is an opensource for e-commerce platform. It is like Shopify or Magento. On this post, I will guide you how to import product to Prestashop with Prestashop csv import product module.

Prestashop has CSV import feature. The feature is the best way for you to import products to Prestashop. But your CSV file must format exactly example of Prestashop. It will take too much time to edit a custom CSV file to look like Prestashop CSV format. In this case, I strongly recommend using the Prestashop CSV import

Prestashop CSV import products

The module has fast uploading and importing speed. It is absolutely easy to install, well documented. Besides, this module is suitable for not only CSV file type but also Excel file.
I have written a detailed post about installing the Prestashop CSV import module. Please refer to this post if you are in the installation progress. Let’s start configuration the module.
Go to “Installed modules” tab >> Click on “Configure” button like below screenshot:
install prestashop csv module

In the configuration page, you can add multi-import resource. Let’s click to plus button to add your first CSV import.

prestashop add csv

Then please fill in the necessary information for each field in “Settings” tab:

After that, we move to “Mapping” tab. In this tab, we need to decide which product field should be correspondent for each field in the CSV/excel file.

csv mapping prestashop

Lastly, please click on “Save Configure Import”:

After hit “Import Manually” button to start importing products, we can check the importing process in the “Manually Import & Report” tab:

How to install and config Prestashop CSV Import module

In our previous post, we have introduced to you the Prestashop CSV Import module. This module really gives you a big assistance if you major in dropping, or have to work with big data such as updating a large number of products.

We will give you guidance on how to install and configure the Prestashop CSV import module in this post.At first, you need to download this module. The module contains multiple files which are compressed into a zip file. Installing a module from admin panel is the easiest method. In the left sidebar menu, please hover to “Modules” >> “Modules & Services” (Screenshot below):

Prestashop CSV Import

In the Module tab, please click on “Upload a module” button:

Prestashop CSV Import

You can drag and drop the module file into the popup, or browse to the archive file on your computer by clicking on “Select file” button.

Prestashop CSV Import

The installation progress will be complete in a couple of seconds. A successful message will be shown up.

Prestashop CSV Import

Now, let’s move to configuration process by clicking on “Configure” button.

Firstly, we need to add a new setting. Please hit the plus button in the top right position.

I will give an explanation for each tab in the new configure screen.


  • Name: this is a text box to fill in the name for this configuration in order to identify with the others.
  • Source Type: The Prestashop CSV Import module is able to upload your csv or excel file in three ways:
  • Upload File: People tends to use this method. The csv/excel file which is stored on your computer will be uploaded directly. You can browse to this file by clicking on “Add file” button.

Prestashop CSV Import

  • URL: You need to upload the CSV/excel file to a cloud storage (such as Google cloud, Dropbox, etc.), then copy the download link and paste to the “File URL” field.

Prestashop CSV Import

This uploading way will be a big help in these cases:

  • The csv/excel file capacity is large while your Internet speed is not good
  • The service provider sends the URL to download file
  • You own several sites, so you just need to paste the same URL into each site.
  • FTP: This method is more complex than the others above. You need to access FTP account which has to be provided by server/hosting or be created in the cPanel. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can upload large CSV/excel file which can’t be uploaded normally to the back office system.
  • CSV Field Delimiter: It uses for defining the character to separate each field in the file.
  • Multiple value separator: It uses for defining the character to separate each value of one field in the file.
  • New Products: The module provides 2 options when you uploading products.
  • Add: Use this option to add new products to your store if the CSV file contains new products.
  • Skip: Use this option to skip adding those new products to the website.
  • Product Key Field: The purpose of this setup is for selecting a key field in order to distinguish one product from the others.
  • Combination Key Field: It’s same as product key field, but for the combination.

You can let other settings as default or change them based on your business requirement.

Mapping Fields Tab

We define each product data value corresponding to each field in the CSV/excel file in this mapping fields tab. After uploading import file in the Settings tab, you need to choose the suitable field for each setting like the screenshot below:

Prestashop CSV Import

Lastly, please click on “Save Configure Import” >> “Import Manually” to start the importing progress.


Manually Import & Report tab

You can check the import progress in this tab.


Prestashop CSV Import



10 Alternatives Apps Like Showbox 2018

The objective of this guide is simply to be certain the very best Showbox options for Android, iPhone and Windows PCs are discussed in detail with their characteristics emphasized.

If you have heard of Showbox, then odds are that you are a massive movie buff because the program is a great portal that will assist you to take part in streaming films and TV shows out of the smartphone-tablet and in certain instances, your desktop. An individual would contemplate Showbox to be close perfect however there are a couple of caveats to using this support.

10 App Just Like Showbox as Alternatives for PC, Android, iOS

If you’re searching for something which gives you a little uniqueness, then we highly suggest checking these out 10 finest similar programs like Showbox as options to Showbox in 2018. When there’s something lacking from the favorite program, it must definitely be covered with those other options we’ve hailed for you.

1. PlayBox HD (Android, iOS)

PlayBox HD is among the similar program like Showbox that feels and looks exactly like the latter. It functions quite differently to Showbox and we all feel the only possible differentiation to distinguish the confusion if you’re using another program is that PlayBox HD includes a bluish motif.

Aside from that, the app operates almost equal to Showbox. Since the title of this application indicates, there’s a whole lot of HD content accessible to your streamer so that you can utilize any telephone or tablet computer for media consumption functions. But, it’s still suggested that you utilize a system that matches a bigger screen because that is going to lead to a more pleasing experience.


Certainly free from price
No superior version that will Supply you with added attributes
All attributes are present in the free programs available for Android along with iOS (iPhone). The app maybe called Showbox for Android, iOS
Picture quality is excellent


The app might Wind up behaving haphazardly earlier and occasionally May Not work correctly in fine manner

2. MegaBox (Android)

MegaBox is just another terrific Showbox choice for your Android smartphone or tablet computer user that allows you to receive your whole fix using a whole lot of content split into films and TV displays. It acts quite similarly to Showbox in order much as getting accustomed to the application moves, you’re expected to feel at home unless of course you haven’t ever used Showbox before.

As there are many distinct sections from the menu, so you won’t be confused with the type of content you have supposed to observe. When there is a little complaint from this terrific program, it could be that you are constantly being bombarded with advertisements. Aside from that, you may surely begin nitpicking in case you would like to report a few problems because MegaBox HD appears and functions superbly.


The Choice to select between 360p and 720p articles Depending upon Your internet link
Reputable and Effective server That Doesn’t activate lag or slowdowns through the streaming session (that will depend on your net link)
You are able to easily ‘favorite’ a picture to Return and see it


You’ll Be bombarded with advertisements while you’re watching movies or TV displays

3. Picture Box

Picture Box comes under the listing of best programs like Showbox because this program oozes features which are extremely similar in character to Showbox. If English isn’t your ‘visit’ terminology for seeing films then we hate to be the bearer of terrible news but this program simply provides aid for English and Russian languages. Additionally, until you start to begin streaming content, then you’ll need to see a preview. This may turn into somewhat annoying for many users that have a little ability of patients in their tank.


Seeing a preview each time before loading the True movie can turn into a bothersome experience for most audiences

4.Popcorn Time (Android, iOS, Ubuntu)

Popcorn Time is very exceptional as the title of the app. Additionally, it fires up real fast from the smartphone or tablet computer and you can easily alter its language and interface at a jiffy. Popcorn Time certainly must be the nearest thing to Showbox and in case you have never been using it, then you’re missing out.


Supports Android, iOS and Linux programs
You can select Lots of subtitles in case you do not know the verbal Areas of the picture
Smart TV link is encouraged
You can tweak the language and interface for a liking


Popcorn Time sometimes crashes and they have not discovered a Means around this small bug, but irritating bug

5. Crackle (Android)

Another leading Showbox replacement for your Android operating process is Crackle. With over 20 million consumers enrolled, it certainly appears like a favorite program for tablet and smartphone proprietors thus imagine how large that number will be if Crackle will be accessible for a vast assortment of programs like iOS, Windows, along with macOS. Employing the program, Crackle permits you to watch films and TV shows without needing any roadblocks between.

Smart TV connection service can also be present, even though the application of the wise TV ought to be compatible with this program. Regrettably, because it upgrades its film and TV display repository each month, this possibly means you won’t have the ability to delight in the most recent content for no less than 30 days.


In case you are short on time, then you can always save pictures You Will Wind up watching after
The range of subtitles to Select from if You Don’t understand that the wordings
Content quality is past gratifying


Content Becomes updated after each month so you Won’t always get blessed in navigating the Most Up-to-date and best household of TV shows and films

6. Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming is just one more potent choice to Showbox that provides multiple options for streaming articles. Primarily, there’s a vast choice of films to select and if this wasn’t enough you then have the choice to download content in your own personal charm. Regrettably, it’s simply readily available for Android so if you’re presently employing an iOS apparatus, you’ll be out of luck. Having said this, you may want to change to an Android smartphone farther down the street so it’s possible to enjoy a whole barrage of films.


Sharing film links with other people may also be done in a straightforward way
Download whole movies from the start to the ending is certainly possible
Changing between various video gamers is also potential


Streaming servers may become somewhat slow, Leading to inferior performance and significantly less than stellar video Excellent

7. Sky HD

No, this isn’t to be mistaken for the British station you have heard of since it’s a Showbox option that you men will be informed about. Sky HD provides better image quality than the vast majority of the software listed here and provides easy accessibility to the films and TV shows in real time.

But in addition, it will come with a price label, something which streamers may not be looking ahead, particularly when the other providers out there supply pretty much the exact same thing without charging the viewer a dime. Nonetheless, if you are planning to really be enjoying a sharp video streaming session, then you may too pay for the privilege.


Better image quality compared to its rivals
Huge Collection of films and TV shows accessible to people


It’s not free to utilize
Your apparatus resolution has to step at 1366 x 768 pixels If You Would like to see high definition material

8. Hulu

Hulu also warrants a place at our very best Showbox options list since it’s widely called a service which regularly upgrades its content listing quite quickly and with no delay. Using a simple click, then you can begin your binge film streaming sessions however its ‘online only’ service may permit you to grind your teeth again.


The broad selection of films and TV shows accessible and can be only a click
Hulu Works with Chromecast, which makes the streaming experience much better


It’s online streaming program that might not work well for countless streamers

9. CinemaBox

CinemaBox is still a favorite choice to get a Showbox option as it isn’t only free but includes a chunk-load of attributes added to its arsenal. This may vary from high-definition pictures into a vast selection of subtitles. A flexible inclusion here is it is possible to download and stream pictures for your heart’s content and what is more is the program updates on a regular basis to supply you with a very long list of films. The only criticism we could muster was that the program isn’t officially found in the Google Play Store which means you’ll need to contend with downloading a .apk file.


The free program ensures you Won’t have to pay one penny for this
broad Assortment of subtitles accessible
HD quality films available
Films can be streamed and downloaded will
Kids style is available Should You not want teens to participate in articles that they Shouldn’t Be Seeing
simplifies upgrades often to assist you to enjoy the Most Recent articles
Divine cross-platform


There’s no official Cinema Box program on the Google Play Store which means you Will Have to get into the .apk document so as to Begin

10. Stremio

Stremio is a fantastic little program like Showbox that really does things a bit differently. It assembles them in one program and introduces them on almost any device you are using in the shape of an extremely clean interface, and that means you are never confused about what you’re employing.


Simple to use interface
A really responsive program, but works great for iPad apparatus
filtering functionality is on par with top choices cited
Very Compact size; doesn’t exceed over 11 megabytes (upgrades will eventually raise that storage area)


There’s no login option on the Site, which might Lead to concern for some customers

Last Words

There’s something for everyone with those 10 finest similar programs like Showbox as options to Showbox from 2018 so patiently sift through each and each of these to determine which one is going to supply you with the greatest possible streaming encounter. In case you are not satisfied then you could always change back to using Showbox.

Showbox Apk File for Android – Download Free Latest Version

Showbox is an online streaming app developed for Android platform.This app to some point act as an entertainment box and relieve zone, allowing its users to stream, watch and download videos, and TV series with HD quality pictures.Several features had been included in Showbox Apk, making it more recommended an app to use for entertainment purpose.

Downloading Showbox you can watch your favourite TV series and videos easily, besides that, you can also achieve point, gain cash awards for downloading several games and apps. Showbox is unavailable in Google Playstore, although you can download it from its official site and different others sources available on the internet.

Download Showbox APK File for Android:

Showbox Apk

As I had already mentioned that Showbox is unavailable in Google Playstore, so you will need to download it from its official sites or others sources available on the web. Follow the below-listed method to download Showbox Apk file on your Android device.

  • Step1: For downloading Showbox Apk file on your Android Smartphone, you will need to set your device as unknown sources. follow the below method for that. Setting>Security> Allow all unknown sources
  • Step2: Now, do visit the official website of Showbox and download the Apk file from the given link of the page.
  • Step3: Once Showbox is downloaded completely, install it by tapping on install button of your device.
  • Step4: Well, you can now launch the app and enjoy its offered features.

In this way, you can download and install Showbox Apk file on your Android device. Isn’t it very simple and easy?

Features of  Showbox App:

Showbox is one of the most popular online streaming app for android platform.it offers you lots of likely features and can help you to gain cash awards and points as well. Features of Showbox are listed below.

  1. The latest updated version of Showbox has got friendly interface features, with option and categories for each section.
  2. It periodically updates all latest collection of movies and TV series in its database.
  3. Besides streaming online videos and TV series Showbox also allows you to gain points and cash awards.
  4. Showbox enables you to watch and download your favourite TV series and videos in the quality of 360p, 420p, and 720p.
  5. On the period of download, you can select services as your desire, with the shown details of the movie, number of downloads etc.
  6. The good news for Showbox users is that the developers are trying to remove an advertisement of this app as soon as possible.

All you Need to Know About Showbox:

Showbox is basically develope for gaining points and a cash award. Showbox enables you to gain cash-point through sites like Amazon, Payal etc, for downloading games and apps. Gaining points using Showbox  App is very easy and simple. Check out the below-listed points to gain cash award and points through Showbox.

  • Do Login into Showbox regularly, as it can usually help you to gain 1 to 100 points.
  • Open the Home page of Showbox; install the apps with offers free premium features such as watching videos, follows the instruction of Showbox and you will see your points being create in your account in 15 minutes.
  • You can gain 50% of total points using Showbox, by every new user’s registration from referral code.

Showbox is an amazing app for streaming online videos and TV series. It has got an easy downloading process and is totally free for use. Showbox  Apk Download you can stream online videos as well gain cash awards and points. So without thinking much, download this app following above-shown methods, and start enjoying your favourite TV series and videos in best possibilities ways.


So, this was our tutorial on how to download Showbox Apk File for Android. We anticipate that you would find this article helpful and useful. If you have any kind of queries or questions related to this tutorial then do let us know. We will resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Showbox for PC Free Download on Windows 7/8.1/10

Showbox for android is a stage that sets up a complete scenario of an entertainment zone where we can get ourselves entertained and amused in the way we like. The application is embed with tranquil and approachable options so that anyone belonging to any age may access the application without seeking much for guidance or struggle. The app permits the user to navigate, search and sort out different movies along with variable display resolutions so that we may watch the desired movies whether in Low or high resolution.

Showbox for PC Free Download on Windows:

Showbox for PC

The app contains abundant brilliant features that typically includes downloading of latest movies, live streaming of all the latest TV episodes as well as sorting and categorizing different genres of the movies. In this way, users may access the anticipated movie or TV content at a very fast pace. Previously, users were only able to access such facilities on mobile platforms only but due to the development of emulators, the user now has been able to platforms as well, so that the windows users too may access such a wide range of app`s attributes without struggling much.

Showbox was initially developed only for the android platform but after the introduction of some emulators, users are now able to download Showbox for PC and for the other windows platforms. Users have been capable of getting the APK of Showbox downloaded in the PCs as well as Windows-based tablets or Tablet- PCs.

How to Download Showbox for PC on Windows 7, 8.1,10:

Downloading Showbox for Android is easy but somehow, different than downloading the other mobiles applications. Since Showbox is preliminary an android based software, therefore getting it download on the windows platform is a bit problematic task.

There are two kinds of Android apps, one that can be download from the Google Paly Store, while the others that can’t be download from the play store. Since Showbox for Android is not accessible on Play store, therefore users will need to slide load it to the device that typically associates the installation of APK and Data file in the android devices. In the case of windows or Mac platforms, such apps may be download by using Android Emulator software for installation of apps on this platforms.

Showbox for PC

One of the most outstanding and recommended App player and Emulator that can run a diversity of android applications on the windows platform is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is the most download Emulator in the Pcs, Macs, and another platform to use the apps. It can be download for free from numerous online websites portals. After the installation of BlueStacks on the PC, users may only be require to download the APK file of Showbox Apk for PC on Windows.

After downloading the AKP file, users may place to any specified directory. By right clicking on the APK file, the user will have to choose the option “Open With”. By selecting the APK file to be open with BlueStacks APK handler, users will see a small rectangular box showing “Install App”. clicking on this option, users may install Showbox on PC.

Following these instructions, users may download and install Showbox on Pcs and Laptops to access a wide variety of entertaining features and amusing attributes of the app.

Download ShowBox to a PC Method using BlueStacks:

showbox for pc

1.Download and install BlueStacks.

2.Download the Show Box .APK.

3.Right-click the .APK file and open with the BlueStacks APK Installer.

Showbox for PC

4. Open BlueStacks and then run Show Box.

You can now explore Show Box on your PC!

Showbox for PC


So, this was our tutorial on how to download ShowBox for PC. We anticipate that you would find this article helpful and useful. If you have any kind of queries or questions related to this tutorial then do let us know. We will resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Showbox for iOS [iPhone, iPad] Free Download Latest Version

Showbox app for iOS devices allows you to watch your favourite Movies and TV series on your device. This app does not only enables you to stream online movies and TV series but also help you to gain points and won the cash award. Showbox offers its users with several advanced features, and keep continuously adding up with new features.

Showbox Download on your iOS device, you will able to go through over many movies with both old and new released. Now you don’t need to miss your favourite TV shows any longer, as downloading Showbox you can enjoy watching Movies and TV series even when you are not in front of your TV.

Showbox for iOS Free Download Latest Version:

Showbox for iOS

There are basically two different methods to download Showbox App for iOS devices, you can download it by using the Vshare app or else by Using IPA file. The two different methods to download Showbox for iOS devices are listed below:

Methods 1: Using Vshare

  • You will need to install Vshare on your Showbox for iPhone on iOS device to use Showbox on your device.
  •  Visit the official site Vshare and download it on your device.
  • Install the setup first on your PC, connect your iOS device and install vShare on it.
  • press the download un-jailbroken button, whereas the process of installing the app will start periodically.
  • Once it is downloaded click on the install button and install it on your device.
  • Now open the Vshare app that you had installed, and search for Showbox there.
  •  Click on the Showbox app and it will get the download on your iOS device.
  • Now do install the Showbox app by clicking on the install button.
  • That’s it, Showbox app is successfully downloaded on your iOS device.

Showbox for iOS

Method 2: Using IPA 

  • IPA method is where you install the file directly.
  • Here you will need to download the IPA file directly from the browser of your device.
  • Open your browser and search for Showbox IPA for the iOS device.
  • Now click on the Showbox Apk IPA for iOS devices.
  • Do download the IPA file, and install it directly by clicking on the install button.
  • That’s it, this is how you can install Showbox directly using IPA file.

Showbox for iOS

Features of Showbox for iOS devices:

  • It comes with a clean design and easy option to search movies and TV series.
  • You don’t need to login or sign up to watch videos on Showbox.
  • It regularly updates new released movies and TV series on its content.
  • Users of Showbox are able to sort out movies and TV shows by their category.
  • You can gain points and cash awards for downloading apps and games through it.
  • You can choose and select the pictures quality of your videos according to your wills.
  •  It has got a share option, where you can share your views and favourite videos with your friend’s.
  • It has got an amazing layout.

Is Showbox safe and secure for iOS devices?

Showbox is totally a safe and secure app for use. This online movie streaming app is totally free from malware viruses, Trojan etc. Downloading and using it on your iOS device, you can feel safe and secure infect you don’t even need to get worried about any kind of destruction using it.

This post is all about Showbox iOS devices, including its features and downloading process. Downloading Showbox on your iOS devices, you can now watch all kinds of Movies and TV shows by your finger swipe. Download it by following any one of the two listed methods, and start enjoying your free time watching your favourite movies and TV shows. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this post then you can fell free to comment us below by sharing your views.

Showbox for iOS

Downloading Showbox on your iOS device, you will able to go through over many movies with both old and new released. Now you don’t need to miss your favourite TV shows any longer, as downloading Showbox you can enjoy watching Movies and TV series even when you are not in front of your TV.

Showbox Not Working – How to Fix Showbox Server Errors

When it comes to watching movies or TV shows on your smartphone, nothing can replace ShowBox. This app comes with an excellent user interface. This app comes with multiple features, but the actual problem occurs when the app stops working. That’s the reason you must know the procedure for fixing the problem which I am going to share here.

ShowBox comes with so many features that you will never find them in any other app. this is the most popular and renown app for watching movies and TV shows. When you start using this Showbox App, you won’t even think about using any other app. but it disappoints a lot when you need to watch something but the app stops working. If you know how to overcome this problem, then you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies without any problem.

What to Do When Showbox Not Working:

Showbox Not Working

In the earlier versions of ShowBox, there were no such problems. The upgraded version of Showbox is a disappointment. They come with many updated features, though. People, who find problems in ShowBox, mainly while watching TV shows or movies. The developers are trying their best to solve this issue too. If you are facing problems in ShowBox, you can try these things.

Update ShowBox:

It has been seen that many times ShowBox stopped working because the app is not up to date. That’s why first you need to update your ShowBox to the latest version. The app is not available on Google play store. So you need to download it from the third party.

To download the latest version first, you need to open your browser and go to any search engines. Then search for the app, choose the latest version of the app from the search result and download the .exe file.

Once the file is downloaded, uninstall the previous version of Showbox Apk. Install the latest version of ShowBox by tapping on the .exe file. Once the file is upgraded hope, it will fix the problem.

Clear cache:

The app is user-friendly, easy to use that comes with so many unique features. So many people use this app whole day long. When you use this app for a long time the cache causes problems which can result into app crash and some other serious issues.

This is very important to clear the caches on a regular basis. To clear caches, you need to open your settings and select the general option. Then tap on application manager option and select all applications. Select ShowBox from the list and tap it to open. There you will get the clear cache and clear data option. Tap on them to clear it.

Server available but update doesn’t work:

Doesn’t matter you are musing a free version or a premium version app, it is very necessary to update the app on a regular basis to get all the latest features. Sometimes a message box popups when you are watching something, and it is very irritating. The message says a new version is available but when you will tap to update the app stops working. So better you uninstall the current version and Showbox Download and install the latest version.

ShowBox stopped working:

Many times you may face this problem that Showbox suddenly stops working and the application closes by itself. This problem mainly occurs when the RAM is full. To solve this problem Showbox Not Working, you need to close all the programs which are running in the background. Heavy usage especially overheat of the device also causes problems. If this problem occurs then you can restart your device as you can’t close the background apps manually.


While watching a movie, you won’t get the subtitles always. You can fix it by downloading the subtitles differently. If you are searching a video but not getting it, in that case, you need to clear the application data and the problem will be solved. If you are getting captcha problem or login problem, you need to update the version of your ShowBox.

Showbox Not Working – Conclusion:

If you find any of these problems while watching your favorite TV show or movie, you won’t like it for sure. Hope you will be able to fix the problem by yourself now though it may take some time. It is recommended that using the latest version of Showbox.

Showbox Alternatives for Android And iOS Devices

Showbox is an online movie streaming App. Showbox allows you to watch unlimited TV shows, videos, movies, etc online on your Android device. It also allows you to download your favorite movies or any videos on your device. Showbox also has various types of formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, HD, etc to watch movies and videos on your device.  One of the best things about this App is that it supports various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

However, as it is an App, sometimes it got problems like server error and stopped working for few days. So, for that reason, many developers some alternatives Apps like the Showbox. The alternatives are also similar to Showbox, where you can watch movies, Videos, TV shows, etc online and even download your favorite videos, movies with different formats. So, if you are want to know the Showbox alternatives then in this post, I am going to share you some of the best Showbox alternatives for Android device.

Apps Like Showbox Alternatives for Android:

Showbox Alternatives

The following are some of the best Showbox Alternatives for Android which will give you the same facility like Showbox. Scroll down to check out the alternatives App of Showbox.


Showbox Alternatives

Movietube is one of the best Showbox Alternatives Apps for Android device. Movietube has unlimited HD movies, videos and TV shows. Movietube is also quite easy and simple to use on your Android device. It offers various formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc to watch movies online. It also permits user to download their favorite videos and movies with various formats.

Movie Box:

Showbox Alternatives

Movie box has huge collection old and latest movies. Other than movies, it has unlimited videos, TV shows, movies and other shows like Showbox Apk. Movietube is fully free movie streaming App for Android device. Like the Showbox, movie box also has various picture quality such as 240p, 360p, 480, 720p, etc. By selecting the quality, you can watch or download any videos and movies on your Android device. This App is also available for iOS platform.

Playbox HD:

Showbox Alternatives

Playbox HD is another one of the best Showbox alternatives Apps.  Playbox App has the great features like Showbox App. It has High-quality formats such as AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, etc to watch movies, videos and TV shows online. Playbox App also allows you to download your favorite videos and movies. Like the previous App, Playbox App is also available for iOS Platform too.

Hulu App:

Showbox Alternatives

Hulu App has huge collections of videos, movies and TV shows like the Showbox App. Hulu App also allows you to watch movies, TV shows, cartoon, and videos online on your Android device. It has various qualities like 480p, 720p and 340p resolution. This App also allows you to create a watchlist, where you can keep your favorite videos and movies to watch later. Hulu is completely a free movie streaming App for the android device as well as the iOS device.


Showbox Alternatives

Crackle App also has vast collections of movies, videos and TV shows. You can watch the entire movies, videos and TV show freely on your Android device. Now, presently, there are more than 25 million active users in the world. Like the Hulu App, Crackle Apps also allows you to create a watchlist of your own, where you can add your favorite movies and videos to watch it later. This App also allows you to download any movies and videos using different pictures quality such as 240p, 480p, 720p, etc.


These are some of the best Showbox Alternatives for android, which similarly have the facilities like the Showbox does. Thus, you don’t have to worry even if your Showbox App is not working properly. These above-provided alternatives of Showbox App are also totally free to use. So, choose your favorite alternatives App to use it. Hence, if you have any doubt regarding this post, use the bellow comment box to place your queries.