How to import products to Prestashop 2018

Prestashop is an opensource for e-commerce platform. It is like Shopify or Magento. On this post, I will guide you how to import product to Prestashop with Prestashop csv import product module.

Prestashop has CSV import feature. The feature is the best way for you to import products to Prestashop. But your CSV file must format exactly example of Prestashop. It will take too much time to edit a custom CSV file to look like Prestashop CSV format. In this case, I strongly recommend using the Prestashop CSV import

Prestashop CSV import products

The module has fast uploading and importing speed. It is absolutely easy to install, well documented. Besides, this module is suitable for not only CSV file type but also Excel file.
I have written a detailed post about installing the Prestashop CSV import module. Please refer to this post if you are in the installation progress. Let’s start configuration the module.
Go to “Installed modules” tab >> Click on “Configure” button like below screenshot:
install prestashop csv module

In the configuration page, you can add multi-import resource. Let’s click to plus button to add your first CSV import.

prestashop add csv

Then please fill in the necessary information for each field in “Settings” tab:

After that, we move to “Mapping” tab. In this tab, we need to decide which product field should be correspondent for each field in the CSV/excel file.

csv mapping prestashop

Lastly, please click on “Save Configure Import”:

After hit “Import Manually” button to start importing products, we can check the importing process in the “Manually Import & Report” tab:

All You Need To Know About Lucky Patcher App

These days Android user can witness lots of cracking associated applications on the Internet, that are actually exceptional. Presently there are few apps which are wonderful & running properly. However at the present Lucky Patcher Android App bust the restrictions of cracking. Lucky Patcher iOS Android app is further some cracking apps for Android. This app is competent of influencing new apps in a matter of seconds. Well, we can say that Lucky Patcher is bit tricky & illegitimate in a number of circumstances.

What is Lucky Patcher Android App?

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Android App is an exceptional gizmo which can control additional Android app & which is surplus than other usual cracking apps. Lucky Patcher Android App can scrutinize & alter permissions as of the chosen app & compose additional modifications in the app as well. If we try to define Lucky Patcher Android App correctly then we can only say that it is such a gizmo that will provide a user an actual admittance to the authorizations allowed & unaccepted to the particular app. A user can put together a number of twists in them & compose the app as needed. A user can eliminate various endorsements, take backing of the existing approach of that specific app, modify the particular consent of that app & there is a lot more to notice in this app. What you need is Root authorization with SuperSU or few related applications to build Lucky Patcher Apk Android App functional on your own Android device.

Launch of Lucky Patcher Android App:

When a user will launch this app Lucky Patcher Android App, a user will observe a catalog of applications setup on their rooted appliance. Next, a user needs to hit on a few of the apps & user will notice a popup stating application detail & little access to particular gizmos. Now user require to choose anything from that tools similar to a user can eliminate ad consents from that app or user can generate customized apk as per their prerequisites. A user can, in addition, make the app tweaked to operate in few circumstances where usually the novel app will not succeed. On behalf of this everything, a user will require root permissions without a doubt.

Root Authorization

Users can obtain root authorization on their gadgets with a few single-click root functions, for example, TowelRoot & further apps such as KingoRoot also going to work too. Users don’t require any coding abilities or things to change applications. Users can carry out it by Lucky Patcher Android App. On top of the app screen, User will observe a few colors on the given name of a particular app. These colors consist several exact meaning, which we are mentioning now. Go through them & see what every color means?

  • Yellow – Contain some restricted patches accessible.
  • Orange – Fundamental Structure app.
  • Purple – This particular app will begin on device boot.
  • Red – There are no means to alter it.
  • Yellow – Contain few restricted patches obtainable.
  • Blue – Encloses Google Adsense Ads.

Now you know what every color means to your particular app. We will in our next article try to bring some other useful information regarding Lucky Patcher Android App Till then stay updated with us.