Export and import product width pretashop default

The advantages of using tool to import products compare with manual data input have been discussed in our previous posts. In this post, I will introduce the way to use import/export products function by Prestashop default system. This default feature doesn’t support some advanced configurations as well as Cronjob function like Prestashop CSV import module.

At the first step, let find out how to export the current products to the CSV file. Lately, you can use this export file to import products to other websites or keep it as a backup.

Go to Pretashop Backoffice, In order to export this CSV file, you should access Products section as below screenshot:

Prestashop CSV import

Next, please click on “Export” button:

Prestashop import products

The browser will automatically download this CSV file to your computer. Now, you’re free to add/edit/delete products in this file based on current format. This updated file can be used to import into this website or another Prestashop website.

Now let’s move to import products feature.

Firstly, you have to click on “Import” button:

Prestashop import products


Note: If your store is a brand new one and you have not imported any products yet, the import products layout will be different:

Prestashop import products

  • What do you want to import? : The purpose of this setup is for selecting options to import such as product, category, brand, and so on.
  • Select a file to import: You can select 2 options: Upload CSV file from your computer or use FTP (While the Prestashop import products module provides one additional method: using URL to load CSV import file which is more flexible for users).
  • The language of the file: Select the language of the CSV file.
  • Field separator: This field defines the character to separate value of each column. You should check your CSV file to put the correct separator.
    For example, in your CSV file: Product ID;Image;Name;Reference;. That means you have to put “;” character.
  • Multiple value separator: This field defines the character to separate value if one column contains multiple values.

Prestashop CSV import products module

When the importing process is complete, a successful message will appear on the screen. Please go to list of products in backend and frontend to check again.

The above guidance uses for importing normal product with default Prestashop feature. Other options such as Category, brand, combination, etc. can be imported in a similar way. If there are any problems with this default feature, or you need more advanced settings, I strongly recommend taking a look at Prestashop CSV import products module.

The guidance to import product to your Prestashop website

Nowadays, store owner tends to use tools to add products to their online store instead of adding products manually because it’s appeared to be more time-saving and accuracy when importing a large number of products. If your website is developed with Prestashop platform, Prestashop CSV import is a helpful module for you. In case you have tried several CSV Import Products Module but still not be satisfied, I strongly recommend to have a look at this module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/27281-csv-import-products.html

Some people might think that this method is only suitable for advanced users, not normal users; but you will clearly see that this opinion is not true if you read the module documentation and guidance video. The steps to import products by using the module are so simple that every user can follow. You are required to prepare a CSV/Excel file which contains all product information such as product name, product price, image, description, and so on.

You can get the CSV/excel file by several ways:

You can create a CSV/Excel file by yourself

But the format of your own files should be followed exactly the format of sample files which are provided by Prestashop system (If you use default import feature) or by the module’s author in order to make sure that the files you’re about to import are the correct one.You can create csv/exel file by Mycrosoft Office Exel or Open Office.

CSV import product module


The product providers give you this file

In this case, you need to check and make sure about the file structure as I mentioned above.


You can export the current CSV/Excel file from your store

You can export the current CSV/Excel file from your store, and add/edit/delete product data from this file, then import the file again.

CSV import product module

When the CSV/Excel files are ready to be imported, other settings need to be configured before starting the import process. You can check our video guidance at the end of the post about setting up these configurations. Please try to install and use the Prestashop CSV import product module, it will definitely help you save a ton of work and time.

How to import products to Prestashop 2018

Prestashop is an opensource for e-commerce platform. It is like Shopify or Magento. On this post, I will guide you how to import product to Prestashop with Prestashop csv import product module.

Prestashop has CSV import feature. The feature is the best way for you to import products to Prestashop. But your CSV file must format exactly example of Prestashop. It will take too much time to edit a custom CSV file to look like Prestashop CSV format. In this case, I strongly recommend using the Prestashop CSV import

Prestashop CSV import products

The module has fast uploading and importing speed. It is absolutely easy to install, well documented. Besides, this module is suitable for not only CSV file type but also Excel file.
I have written a detailed post about installing the Prestashop CSV import module. Please refer to this post if you are in the installation progress. Let’s start configuration the module.
Go to “Installed modules” tab >> Click on “Configure” button like below screenshot:
install prestashop csv module

In the configuration page, you can add multi-import resource. Let’s click to plus button to add your first CSV import.

prestashop add csv

Then please fill in the necessary information for each field in “Settings” tab:

After that, we move to “Mapping” tab. In this tab, we need to decide which product field should be correspondent for each field in the CSV/excel file.

csv mapping prestashop

Lastly, please click on “Save Configure Import”:

After hit “Import Manually” button to start importing products, we can check the importing process in the “Manually Import & Report” tab:

How to install and config Prestashop CSV Import module

In our previous post, we have introduced to you the Prestashop CSV Import module. This module really gives you a big assistance if you major in dropping, or have to work with big data such as updating a large number of products.

We will give you guidance on how to install and configure the Prestashop CSV import module in this post.At first, you need to download this module. The module contains multiple files which are compressed into a zip file. Installing a module from admin panel is the easiest method. In the left sidebar menu, please hover to “Modules” >> “Modules & Services” (Screenshot below):

Prestashop CSV Import

In the Module tab, please click on “Upload a module” button:

Prestashop CSV Import

You can drag and drop the module file into the popup, or browse to the archive file on your computer by clicking on “Select file” button.

Prestashop CSV Import

The installation progress will be complete in a couple of seconds. A successful message will be shown up.

Prestashop CSV Import

Now, let’s move to configuration process by clicking on “Configure” button.

Firstly, we need to add a new setting. Please hit the plus button in the top right position.

I will give an explanation for each tab in the new configure screen.


  • Name: this is a text box to fill in the name for this configuration in order to identify with the others.
  • Source Type: The Prestashop CSV Import module is able to upload your csv or excel file in three ways:
  • Upload File: People tends to use this method. The csv/excel file which is stored on your computer will be uploaded directly. You can browse to this file by clicking on “Add file” button.

Prestashop CSV Import

  • URL: You need to upload the CSV/excel file to a cloud storage (such as Google cloud, Dropbox, etc.), then copy the download link and paste to the “File URL” field.

Prestashop CSV Import

This uploading way will be a big help in these cases:

  • The csv/excel file capacity is large while your Internet speed is not good
  • The service provider sends the URL to download file
  • You own several sites, so you just need to paste the same URL into each site.
  • FTP: This method is more complex than the others above. You need to access FTP account which has to be provided by server/hosting or be created in the cPanel. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can upload large CSV/excel file which can’t be uploaded normally to the back office system.
  • CSV Field Delimiter: It uses for defining the character to separate each field in the file.
  • Multiple value separator: It uses for defining the character to separate each value of one field in the file.
  • New Products: The module provides 2 options when you uploading products.
  • Add: Use this option to add new products to your store if the CSV file contains new products.
  • Skip: Use this option to skip adding those new products to the website.
  • Product Key Field: The purpose of this setup is for selecting a key field in order to distinguish one product from the others.
  • Combination Key Field: It’s same as product key field, but for the combination.

You can let other settings as default or change them based on your business requirement.

Mapping Fields Tab

We define each product data value corresponding to each field in the CSV/excel file in this mapping fields tab. After uploading import file in the Settings tab, you need to choose the suitable field for each setting like the screenshot below:

Prestashop CSV Import

Lastly, please click on “Save Configure Import” >> “Import Manually” to start the importing progress.


Manually Import & Report tab

You can check the import progress in this tab.


Prestashop CSV Import