Showbox Not Working – How to Fix Showbox Server Errors

When it comes to watching movies or TV shows on your smartphone, nothing can replace ShowBox. This app comes with an excellent user interface. This app comes with multiple features, but the actual problem occurs when the app stops working. That’s the reason you must know the procedure for fixing the problem which I am going to share here.

ShowBox comes with so many features that you will never find them in any other app. this is the most popular and renown app for watching movies and TV shows. When you start using this Showbox App, you won’t even think about using any other app. but it disappoints a lot when you need to watch something but the app stops working. If you know how to overcome this problem, then you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies without any problem.

What to Do When Showbox Not Working:

Showbox Not Working

In the earlier versions of ShowBox, there were no such problems. The upgraded version of Showbox is a disappointment. They come with many updated features, though. People, who find problems in ShowBox, mainly while watching TV shows or movies. The developers are trying their best to solve this issue too. If you are facing problems in ShowBox, you can try these things.

Update ShowBox:

It has been seen that many times ShowBox stopped working because the app is not up to date. That’s why first you need to update your ShowBox to the latest version. The app is not available on Google play store. So you need to download it from the third party.

To download the latest version first, you need to open your browser and go to any search engines. Then search for the app, choose the latest version of the app from the search result and download the .exe file.

Once the file is downloaded, uninstall the previous version of Showbox Apk. Install the latest version of ShowBox by tapping on the .exe file. Once the file is upgraded hope, it will fix the problem.

Clear cache:

The app is user-friendly, easy to use that comes with so many unique features. So many people use this app whole day long. When you use this app for a long time the cache causes problems which can result into app crash and some other serious issues.

This is very important to clear the caches on a regular basis. To clear caches, you need to open your settings and select the general option. Then tap on application manager option and select all applications. Select ShowBox from the list and tap it to open. There you will get the clear cache and clear data option. Tap on them to clear it.

Server available but update doesn’t work:

Doesn’t matter you are musing a free version or a premium version app, it is very necessary to update the app on a regular basis to get all the latest features. Sometimes a message box popups when you are watching something, and it is very irritating. The message says a new version is available but when you will tap to update the app stops working. So better you uninstall the current version and Showbox Download and install the latest version.

ShowBox stopped working:

Many times you may face this problem that Showbox suddenly stops working and the application closes by itself. This problem mainly occurs when the RAM is full. To solve this problem Showbox Not Working, you need to close all the programs which are running in the background. Heavy usage especially overheat of the device also causes problems. If this problem occurs then you can restart your device as you can’t close the background apps manually.


While watching a movie, you won’t get the subtitles always. You can fix it by downloading the subtitles differently. If you are searching a video but not getting it, in that case, you need to clear the application data and the problem will be solved. If you are getting captcha problem or login problem, you need to update the version of your ShowBox.

Showbox Not Working – Conclusion:

If you find any of these problems while watching your favorite TV show or movie, you won’t like it for sure. Hope you will be able to fix the problem by yourself now though it may take some time. It is recommended that using the latest version of Showbox.