What Should You Do if Super Mario Run Not Working on Your Device?

Super Mario game which is developed by Nintendo has finally embraced Smartphone. Nintendo Company has released very popular games like Pokemon go and recently they have released a new game called Super Mario run. As Super Mario App is not yet available in Play Store, so you need to download Super Mario run Apk file without any problem, but you must have Smartphone with you.

They have recently released Super Mario App for iOS, but they haven’t launched yet for Android OS. They are likely to launch for Android version within the first month of 2017. So the Android users have to wait for some few days to get installed on their device.

Super Mario App: Get Back to Your Favorite Game!!

Super Mario was developed by Nintendo Company and the CEO of this company, Shigeru Miyamoto said that this game could be downloaded to your device for free, but in order to unlock all the features you need to purchase with Rs.620 in-app purchase. However, in this game, you can just play with one hand.

As Super Mario run is an automatic runner game, so you just have to focus on collecting coins and bonuses. This game also has two other modes that are Kingdom builder and Toad Rally. In order to navigate the main character you just have to tap on your screen and the behavior of your character will also depend on the timing of your taps.

How to Download Super Mario run App on your device?

It is very easy to download Super Mario App on your device, what you need to do is just click on the given link.

As I have already told earlier that Super Mario App is only available for iOS devices so, only the iOS users will be able to download Super Mario App, but they will be launching an Android version very soon.

How to install Super Mario run App on your device?

If you are an iOS user, then you can easily install Super Mario App on your device. So the following steps will provide you some guidelines in order to install Super Mario run App on your device.

As Super Mario App is not still available in Play store, so you need to download the Apk format. After that you have to enable “Unknown sources” by going to Settings>>Unknown sources>>Turn on Unknown sources.

  1. Firstly, open the Apk file which is saved on your device.
  2. Now, “install” option will appear on your screen.
  3. You just have to tap on it and wait for few seconds.
  4. Your Super Mario App will get installed on your device in just a few seconds. As soon as it gets installed, open it and enjoy playing this new game.

What should you do if Super Mario Run Not Working on your device?

Super Mario Run Not Working

Many users have faced some problem regarding Super Mario App, so there are various reasons that you will receive “Super Mario is not working” on your device. So read out the full article to know why “Super Mario is not working” is shown on your device. The reasons are given below:

  1. Lack of internet connection:

As Super Mario game can be played only if your device is connected to your device. So, if your device shows “Super Mario is not working” then immediately check out your internet connection of your device.

  1. System requirements:

The current version of Super Mario which is available on the web, it is only compatible with iOS device. The Company has not released yet for Android OS. So make sure that your device is the iOS operating system.

  1. Regular updates:

Sometimes this problem also might occur when you don’t update Super Mario App. So whenever they ask you to update, you must update it immediately or else your game might stop working.

  1. Other Possibilities:

If your internet connection is connected to your device properly and even after using iOS devices if you are still having the problem, then you can switch off your device and restart again.

I hope you will get a lot of benefits by reading this article. If you are having any problem regarding Super Mario App, then you should try out all the methods which I have mentioned above. If you like this article, then please shares in different social networking sites as much as you can.