Xender for iPhone [iPad, iOS] Free Download Latest Version

Xender for iPhone: Gone are the days when the Bluetooth functionality of the phones was pressed upon desperately to make way for file transfers. Though this file transfer system via Bluetooth was admired, yet the need for a faster system that lead to swifter file transfer was also there. So, with the massive revolution in the software industry, there came applications that eased this whole process of file transfers.

For instance, Xender is one such application that has without the slightest of doubt, changed this whole scenario of sharing of files. In fact, the application Xender not only led to the fast transfer of files between mobiles phones but also from laptop to phones. Similarly, xender for iphone application is available to be downloaded from apple`s itunes store. But to download it, a user must have an ID on itunes also. This facilitates the ease of files transfer between iphones and smartphones.

Xender in both iphones and android smartphones works by creating a using the wifi direct or wifi hotspot to transfer files between various devices. It actually creates a well server of devices and the wifi network. And when no data connection is require for files transfer, it uses maximum speed of wifi direct.

What`s in the new version of Xender 3.4.8?

Xender for iPhone

What`s surprising is that the new version of Xender app is all update and if you carefully analyze there are 3 add features to it:

  • Added display of the transferred file upon any disconnection
  • Fixed bug of not scanned surrounding devices while using Xender
  • The user interface or the UI adjustment of the Xender application has been perfect and the interface now is simple and accurate

A look over the features of the Application:

Xender having known for its simplicity uses easy and most simplest of ways of transfer of data from one device to another. The application features the swipe shake file transfer where the a shake of your device can start the files transfer. It is the best software use for transfer of application which wasn’t possible from a Bluetooth network.  Ranging from low quality files to high quality HD files and ranging from small application to heavy applications, Xender facilitates the transfer of files within minutes.

To start the file transfer, you will have to open the xender application on both the devices and from one device start the hotspot so that the other device can be connect. When both the devices are connect via hotspot, the devices can easily share files between each other. You also get to connect more than 2 devices and share files between multiple devices.  Summarizing the features of xender below:

  • Allows multiple connections and the simultaneous share of file between devices
  • The swipe and share feature has made the transfer of file easy
  • You get to browse all the folders and applications from the app itself
  • Keeps reserved the history of sent and received files.

The features remain same for the iphone, windows and android users. Even if there is any update that update is applicable on all the platforms.