Edit order with Prestashop order edit module

You have an online store with Prestashop. Sometime you will get the questions from your customer:

  • Can I change the size, color, or quantity in my order?
  • Can I add another product to my order?
  • Can I exchange this product for a different product?
  • Can I change the shipping speed or shipping address I chose earlier?
  • Can I change the embroidering, monogram, or customization on my order?
  • Can I place a custom order with special pricing?

BUT – Prestashop order feature doesn’t support to edit information.

What should you do?

You need Install PrestaShop order edit module and the module will help you to edit order on Prestashop. Edit shipping, edit an attribute, add another product, change shipping, change payment method, add discount… Download the module here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/order-management/23748-order-edit.html

If you haven’t yet installed the module. Please view the post: https://appslikeshowbox.org/install-pretashop-oder-edit/

Alright, now let’s start to overview the module.

Firstly, this module can be accessed by hovering over “Order” then clicking on “Order Manager”. The home screen of Prestashop Order Edit module will list down all orders of your online store. Each order has a small pen on the right so customers can easily edit information without redirecting page.

Edit Reference value: Browse to the order you want to change the Reference value, then click on the pen icon. You need to put the update value in the text box, then hit “Save”.

Prestashop Order Edit module

Change Delivery information: In Prestashop Order Edit module cPanel, Please click on pen icon of the Delivery value of the order you want to change, then select the Shipping address and the Invoice address from the list of pre-made address, and click “Save”.

Prestashop Order Edit module

Update order status: The steps are simple. You just need to click on edit icon, then choose a suitable status for the current order. Please remember to click on “Update status” to save this change.

Prestashop Order Edit module

  • Update payment: You can add new a new payment, update or delete current payments.
  • Add a new payment: You should choose the payment date, payment method, transaction ID, amount, and invoice number. Please take note that “Amount” is a required field.

Prestashop Order Edit module

Update the current payment: Please click on the edit button to start updating. After filling in the new value, hit on the “Edit” button to save the change.

Prestashop Order Edit module

Change the order date: You can simply follow the below screenshot to update the order date.

Prestashop Order Edit module

  • Print orders: One of the advantages of this module is being able to print multiple orders at one time. You just need to tick on the orders you want to print, then click on “Print order” icon in the toolbar:


Prestashop Order Edit module

Apart from default functions of Prestashop, Prestashop Order Edit module gives users the ability to export invoice, export delivery, and export CSV. You can check the screenshot below:

Prestashop Order Edit module

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