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The advantages of using tool to import products compare with manual data input have been discussed in our previous posts. In this post, I will introduce the way to use import/export products function by Prestashop default system. This default feature doesn’t support some advanced configurations as well as Cronjob function like Prestashop CSV import module.

At the first step, let find out how to export the current products to the CSV file. Lately, you can use this export file to import products to other websites or keep it as a backup.

Go to Pretashop Backoffice, In order to export this CSV file, you should access Products section as below screenshot:

Prestashop CSV import

Next, please click on “Export” button:

Prestashop import products

The browser will automatically download this CSV file to your computer. Now, you’re free to add/edit/delete products in this file based on current format. This updated file can be used to import into this website or another Prestashop website.

Now let’s move to import products feature.

Firstly, you have to click on “Import” button:

Prestashop import products


Note: If your store is a brand new one and you have not imported any products yet, the import products layout will be different:

Prestashop import products

  • What do you want to import? : The purpose of this setup is for selecting options to import such as product, category, brand, and so on.
  • Select a file to import: You can select 2 options: Upload CSV file from your computer or use FTP (While the Prestashop import products module provides one additional method: using URL to load CSV import file which is more flexible for users).
  • The language of the file: Select the language of the CSV file.
  • Field separator: This field defines the character to separate value of each column. You should check your CSV file to put the correct separator.
    For example, in your CSV file: Product ID;Image;Name;Reference;. That means you have to put “;” character.
  • Multiple value separator: This field defines the character to separate value if one column contains multiple values.

Prestashop CSV import products module

When the importing process is complete, a successful message will appear on the screen. Please go to list of products in backend and frontend to check again.

The above guidance uses for importing normal product with default Prestashop feature. Other options such as Category, brand, combination, etc. can be imported in a similar way. If there are any problems with this default feature, or you need more advanced settings, I strongly recommend taking a look at Prestashop CSV import products module.

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