The guidance to import product to your Prestashop website

Nowadays, store owner tends to use tools to add products to their online store instead of adding products manually because it’s appeared to be more time-saving and accuracy when importing a large number of products. If your website is developed with Prestashop platform, Prestashop CSV import is a helpful module for you. In case you have tried several CSV Import Products Module but still not be satisfied, I strongly recommend to have a look at this module:

Some people might think that this method is only suitable for advanced users, not normal users; but you will clearly see that this opinion is not true if you read the module documentation and guidance video. The steps to import products by using the module are so simple that every user can follow. You are required to prepare a CSV/Excel file which contains all product information such as product name, product price, image, description, and so on.

You can get the CSV/excel file by several ways:

You can create a CSV/Excel file by yourself

But the format of your own files should be followed exactly the format of sample files which are provided by Prestashop system (If you use default import feature) or by the module’s author in order to make sure that the files you’re about to import are the correct one.You can create csv/exel file by Mycrosoft Office Exel or Open Office.

CSV import product module


The product providers give you this file

In this case, you need to check and make sure about the file structure as I mentioned above.


You can export the current CSV/Excel file from your store

You can export the current CSV/Excel file from your store, and add/edit/delete product data from this file, then import the file again.

CSV import product module

When the CSV/Excel files are ready to be imported, other settings need to be configured before starting the import process. You can check our video guidance at the end of the post about setting up these configurations. Please try to install and use the Prestashop CSV import product module, it will definitely help you save a ton of work and time.

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