How to change font Weebly

That developing websites on Weebly is quite easy convinces many people to choose the websites as a personal blog. You can use it for free if you do not change the default domain. You can edit the user interface to match with your style. The article “how to change font weebly” will help you optimize the font as well as edit it properly.

The article “how to change font weebly” guides you on editing the default font of the system without writing a single line of code. You just need to drag and drop, select dropdowns, and pick up colors by using Color picker.

Use the default font – how to change font Weebly

After login to the website, you click on Theme, and click on Change Fonts as the figure below

Next, you select the areas you want to adjust the font. They could be Site Title, Navigation menu as the figure below

Select the items that need editing. In the table bordered in red on the left, you are able to edit font, font-size, and color, etc. After editing, you should remember to click on Publish.

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