How to install and config Prestashop CSV Import module

In our previous post, we have introduced to you the Prestashop CSV Import module. This module really gives you a big assistance if you major in dropping, or have to work with big data such as updating a large number of products.

We will give you guidance on how to install and configure the Prestashop CSV import module in this post.At first, you need to download this module. The module contains multiple files which are compressed into a zip file. Installing a module from admin panel is the easiest method. In the left sidebar menu, please hover to “Modules” >> “Modules & Services” (Screenshot below):

Prestashop CSV Import

In the Module tab, please click on “Upload a module” button:

Prestashop CSV Import

You can drag and drop the module file into the popup, or browse to the archive file on your computer by clicking on “Select file” button.

Prestashop CSV Import

The installation progress will be complete in a couple of seconds. A successful message will be shown up.

Prestashop CSV Import

Now, let’s move to configuration process by clicking on “Configure” button.

Firstly, we need to add a new setting. Please hit the plus button in the top right position.

I will give an explanation for each tab in the new configure screen.


  • Name: this is a text box to fill in the name for this configuration in order to identify with the others.
  • Source Type: The Prestashop CSV Import module is able to upload your csv or excel file in three ways:
  • Upload File: People tends to use this method. The csv/excel file which is stored on your computer will be uploaded directly. You can browse to this file by clicking on “Add file” button.

Prestashop CSV Import

  • URL: You need to upload the CSV/excel file to a cloud storage (such as Google cloud, Dropbox, etc.), then copy the download link and paste to the “File URL” field.

Prestashop CSV Import

This uploading way will be a big help in these cases:

  • The csv/excel file capacity is large while your Internet speed is not good
  • The service provider sends the URL to download file
  • You own several sites, so you just need to paste the same URL into each site.
  • FTP: This method is more complex than the others above. You need to access FTP account which has to be provided by server/hosting or be created in the cPanel. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can upload large CSV/excel file which can’t be uploaded normally to the back office system.
  • CSV Field Delimiter: It uses for defining the character to separate each field in the file.
  • Multiple value separator: It uses for defining the character to separate each value of one field in the file.
  • New Products: The module provides 2 options when you uploading products.
  • Add: Use this option to add new products to your store if the CSV file contains new products.
  • Skip: Use this option to skip adding those new products to the website.
  • Product Key Field: The purpose of this setup is for selecting a key field in order to distinguish one product from the others.
  • Combination Key Field: It’s same as product key field, but for the combination.

You can let other settings as default or change them based on your business requirement.

Mapping Fields Tab

We define each product data value corresponding to each field in the CSV/excel file in this mapping fields tab. After uploading import file in the Settings tab, you need to choose the suitable field for each setting like the screenshot below:

Prestashop CSV Import

Lastly, please click on “Save Configure Import” >> “Import Manually” to start the importing progress.


Manually Import & Report tab

You can check the import progress in this tab.


Prestashop CSV Import



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