WordPress custom form save to database

The phrase WordPress custom form save to database is interested by lots of people. Almost simple contact forms are sent to the admin email address. But in fact, the data needed to be saved to the database. This article will guide you on how to do this in the simplest way.

To be easy for WordPress newbies, we will prioritize to use a plugin. Of course, you can write code yourself. However, for the suitability for every people, we will do the simplest things as below.


  • WordPress: Absolutely, you need to have one website with WordPress already installed or used on your computer.
  • Contact form 7: You must have been so familiar with it due to its popularity
  • Contact Form 7 Database: This is the plugin used to save data to the database when users submit information.

Implementation wordpress custom form save to database

In order to complete the process that wordpress custom form save to database, the first things to do is log in to the WordPress admin. You hover to Plugins and click on Add new.

In the search box, you enter contact form 7. Then you install the plugin and make it active as below

We so the similar thing with the plugin “contact form 7 database

Now, we will create a contact form by building fields. Contact form 7 is a very good form builder plugin which supports many types of input field such as text, image, file, checkbox, etc.

You can use the default form of contact form 7 to make a simple trial.

On all forms, there exist shortcodes. You just need to copy the shortcodes and paste on the post or page you want forms to be displayed.

This article will help you add this code to the contact page

After entering the information already, you click on Submit. If you use localhost but you have not installed sending email on the localhost, the system will show error. Don’t worry! After submitting, data has been saved to the database. We will get to the back end to check.

The plugin admin will display as below

You click to view the detailed contents.

Here is the content in the example

We have finished the article wordpress custom form save to database. If you have any question, please leave a comment.

If you use Prestashop, you could use form builder module. This module supports you to drag and drop professionally. You just have to drag and drop the fields you want to display and save them. It supports responsive to be compatible with all devices. If you do not know how to use it, there are available guidance document as well as support team so that you can use it without minding.