Contact form 7 send to multiple emails

contact form 7 send to multiple emails is very important to people who use contact form as a contact channel. This happens in the case that someone sends data via contact form. The contents will be automatically sent to administrative, sales and customer service departments, etc. The advantage of the contact form is that it allows users to send email directly to admin quickly without depending on mail-sending programs such as Outlook or gmail.

When the contact form is on the website, by default, customers will base on the existing fields such as name, email, title, contents to send data. After submitting the data, an email containing this data saved in the system will be sent to admin. However, you can do more than ever with contact form 7.

Contact form 7 is the well-known form builder which is used many people in the world for WordPress source code. If you use Shopify to build your website, I suggest that you should use Powerful Form Builder because it works well and has many similar and higher-level features than that of contact form 7.

Come back to today problem “ contact form 7 send to multiple emails ”, at the moment, I suggest that you should apply one in the two following simple ways.

Add extra emails to received email item

By using this way, you can enter a list of email addresses in text box “to” in the email tab of contact form 7’s installation. Remember that email addresses are separated by a comma “,”.

contact form 7 send to multiple emails

Use BCC, and CC to add email address to Additional Headers

When following this way, you enter received emails in CC, BCC in Additional Headers as below.

contact form 7 send to multiple emails

Send emails to customers

When customers send data to the website’s admin, you can automatically reply to the emails that have been sent to you. This automatic email could be thanking one. You can use this feature or not depending on your purpose.

To use this feature, you do as the following guidance. Put a tick on Use email check box.

contact form 7 send to multiple emails

Next, a window shows up as below. Your task is to enter information as below to make sure that your customers can receive your reply email. You can absolutely create your own message by changing the contents in Message Body box.

contact form 7 send to multiple emails

We have solved the problem “ contact form 7 send to multiple emails ” together. I believe that you have your own solution. If you cannot do that, please try one more time. Or you can contact us or leave us a message. We will support you for free. You can share this article because I believe that many people do not know about this solution.