How to cancel an order on PayPal

How to cancel an order on PayPal is the question many people who use Paypal to order often ask. There are many reasons why the buyers want to cancel their orders. But they do not know how to do this. This article will help solve this problem.

How to cancel an order on PayPal


You may cancel your order when you realize that this product does not match with you. Or you have spent so much so far and you do not want to spend anymore. Or you just want to cancel the order. Below are the ways you can apply.

Cancel the payment

If you do not transfer PayPal payment to the store, they will not deliver goods to you. Usually, when you transder money via PayPal without confirmation, you have a right to cancel the payment by doing the following steps

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Then Click Transactions at the top of the page.
  • Click the unclaimed payment you want to cancel.
  • Then Click Cancel Payment next to the unclaimed payment.
  • Click Cancel Payment to confirm

However, you can apply this way only the payment has not been confirmed. Maybe the email in which you transfer money does not exist in PayPal or the account has not been authenticated. If your account is valid, money will be sent in a short time, you cannot cancel the payment.

Contact the store

If you have transferred money but the goods have not been delivered. You no longer want to pay for this order. You can contact store owners to apologize request for a refund. In some cases, they will accept the refund happily.

In case of goods having been delivered to you already, you should view the regulation of product exchange. It depends on the regulation of each company.

Open a dispute

This is a rarely faced case, but you need to do this to protect your right. In case that you cannot negotiate successfully, you can absolutely open a dispute. PayPal allows you to do this in 180 days from the date money is transferred.

We have run through the article how to cancel an order on paypal. I believe that you now have your own solution. However, many online purchasing newbies may face the problem. Hope that you could share this article with others to read. If you have any innovative solution, please leave a comment below. We are so grateful for your action.