Embed Google form in website without iframe

According to surveys, Google form is commonly used to collect people’s opinions as well as information. Its advantages are free, high-speed, and easy to use. Normally, a Google link or a shortcut link in the format of goo.gl is used. In this article, we will talk about how to embed google form in website without iframe. In this way, you can add any form to any platform, to any location which may be your website, email or even mailchimp.

Preparation before “Embed Google form in website without iframe”

  • A Google account to create a Google form
  • (Option) A contact page used to add to Shopify. You may use Weebly.

Implementation “Embed Google form in website without iframe”

Create a form

Firstly, you get to the website with address https://www.google.com/intl/en-EN/forms/about/ . You should replace the language pair en-EN in the url with your language pair appropriately.

You could create a form. Here I use the default form of Google as below

Now, you click on Send button on the top right of the screen

A popup shows up so that you can select the embed icon as in the figure. Now you can select the form height and width. This custom form can be shared via social networks such as Google plus, Facebook, Twitter. In this article how to embed google form in website without iframe, after selecting the dimension, you click on Copy to copy form.

At the moment, you create a page in Shopify. In Editor, you switch to using html mechanism, paste the form here, and save it.

You should view this page to check. If the result is the same as below, you carry out correctly. If it is different, you should review each step carefully.

This article is quite simple. You can easily follow the above notes. The article how to embed google form in website without iframe comes to an end now.

If you use Shopify, Google form or default forms of Shopify are a good idea. However, I recommend that you should use custom form app for Shopify. It allows you to drag and drop fields with new field formats that Google form does not include such as Google map, Upload file. It also supports fully responsive to various screen sizes of different devices. Especially, you can have a lifelong app usage for free.