What is the best font for invoice ?

What is the best font for invoice ? This is the question that lots of people are interested in. Different people have different answers. So, in this article, we will find the most appropriate and right answer for you.

No matter which answer you choose, it is right. Because each person has his own thought. The difference is due to the difference in regions, nations, and languages. It is also caused by the difference in ages and hobbies.

What is the best font for invoice

About fonts going with the operating system, classic-style people enjoy using Georgia font while modern-style ones prefer using Calibri or Corbel font. However, according to some interviewees, they feel that using Time New Roman to input contents will be faster.

In the 60s or 70s, people use serif font such as Time font in books. However, after this period, sans-serif font, for example,Helvetica, is preferred. Therefore, people live and work in this period like this font because it is easier to read.

The people who like reading newspaper prefer texts using Time New Roman font, and size 12pt. Maybe it is the reason why The Time newspaper of London delegates another unit to design a font to be used in their newspapers. In 2004, US State Department announces that all documents must use Time New Roman font, and size 14pt.

In short, “ what is the best font for invoice ? ” is a no-right-answer question. It depends on age, time, nation, religion, and region of the users. It is like the question that which color I should paint for my kitchen. If he likes yellow, he will say yellow. However, he has not known that the painted color must depend on the style, windows, furniture, and the space of the kitchen. So the answer for the question type is just relatively right.

Now, you must have had your own answer. But if you still have any problem with “ what is the best font for invoice ? ”, please try Prestashop invoice template. Using this module, you can edit your custom font if you do not want to use the default fonts. You absolutely can preview to see which font matches with the theme you are using to be suitable for your customers’ ages, and market segments.

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